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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fig Mania

Our fig tree has let loose and luckily the birds haven't beaten us to the fruit.  We are getting a bowlful each day of beautiful subtle flavored green figs.  This has spurred a 'what can I do with figs' kitchen workshop.  After eating countless figs fresh from the tree I tried making a fig and blue cheese tart with hazelnut crust.  Very good but perhaps it needed some marscapone to dull the sharp blue cheese flavor. 

Looked good before it got loaded with cheese and went into the oven

Served with corn on the cob and grilled crayfish

We had some friends over for a make your own pizza contest. Emma's pizza had fresh figs and feta; very yum but no photos. Pete's creation actually won the contest but I gave Emma thumbs up for creativity. Next up was fig ice cream, recipe courtesy of David Leibovitz blog. Super jammy and really easy. We are still enjoying what's left of that.

Rita modeling fig ice cream on a cone
And alas when I found a bag of figs in the garage downstairs left after a party the students had last week, we decided it was time to try drying the darn things.  They came out pretty well considering we did it in the oven.  Don't really want to think about what it will do to our power bill this month!
Dried figs after about 2 days on and off in low heat fan oven.


  1. im so jealous that you have a fig tree!!!

  2. Oh my, that picture of Rita and her cone is the best. Love it!