A Village Life

Monday, March 21, 2011

Small Changes

We've been making a few small changes around the place in preparation for baby's arrival.  Got rid of the old bulky antique rocking chair that didn't quite suit our new, smaller and more modern house and replaced it with an Eames replica rocking chair.  Down in the laundry I had stashed away some cushions and one of them just happens to be a perfect match for the new rocker.  Loving it and hopefully it will make a nice seat for baby and I to spend many an hour rocking, feeding and bonding. 

The cluttered kitchen bench has been bothering me for ages and Pete and I had talked about putting in a new shelf to move some stuff off the counter.  Well, voila, a few weekends later and Pete has built the perfect little shelf easily reached by us shorties.  It tidies the corner up perfectly. 


  1. so jealous of the chair!!!!! im kind of dying for one...............