A Village Life

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's been happenin' around here

Gigi and I hang out together most days

Camping in the backyard

Yummy figs!

The conversion is slowly progressing

Builder extraordinaire

Tui's walking, eating figs and super happy

And she loves to rock

Gigi is a big girls; 2 days without nappies (and a few accidents)
And Rita spends most of her time at "big" school, doing gymnastics, swimming and having playdates so we don't see that much of her.  The life of a 5 year old!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The light in the sky is changing
The sun isn't shining as bright through the windows in the morning
The air is crisp and the house is still dark when I wake up
My newborn baby turns one next month
I have runners knee that is threatening my upcoming race
The garden isn't growing like crazy as it was a few months ago
There are no more summer wedding catering jobs on the horizon to look forward to
Everything familiar seems to be going through changes
The sea is cold once again
my girls are beautiful and smiling
my husband is making progress on our garage conversion
I've got lots of painting and decorating to keep me busy in the next few months
I've learned to sew
My knitting project is 2/3 finished
April will be full of road trips
and all is well in our happy home!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

OK, so how about.....

It looks like the consensus on the 'slutty' Roberto Cavalli was a big "no" so how about this....

Is this what y'all had in mind?  Something with a bit more coverage?
Then I could look like a stumpy dwarf covered in bed linen.
Back to the 'int-a-net' to find suitable attire for this damn reunion.
Or more excitingly I might find something down in the big smoke on my girls (and by girls I do not mean my children, I mean 2 girlfriends and myself) weekend away in Auckland.  YeeHaw, bring it on!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A seamstress is born......

Or not. 
I finished my second reversible skirt yesterday.  It actually fits Gigi!  Since I cut the fabric wrong at the start, I thought it would end up being for Tui but hey ho, it actually worked as intially planned.  The most amazing thing is that both the girls love their skirts and haven't wanted to take them off!

making daddy proud: praciticing fishing

Tomorrow I start on my first reversible child's smock.  The fabric is cut and ready to go.  With no children around, I should be able to work uninterrupted for once and hopefully get the project completed.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


How about this hot little number for the reunion?  If I could just come up with the $800 to pay for it, I'd be sweet.  Guess I'll keep looking......

Monday, March 12, 2012

First Sewing Project Completed!

I can't believe it but I actually created a wearable item on the sewing machine.  It's a reversible skirt that was remarkably simple to construct. 
Rita wore it to school today:

I had a hard time getting my model to stike a normal pose!  I'm on to my second skirt which will be for Tui.  It would've been for Gigi if I hadn't cut the fabric the wrong way initially.  Learning by trial and error is my style.