A Village Life

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ta Da!!!!

Ok, so I haven't staged anything and it doesn't look exactly perfect.  Some furniture is out of place where we need to paint behind it and there are groceries and laundry sitting in the corners of the room but for the most part our house is finally finished (almost).  Does any home project ever get completely finished?  Our last bits are to put the window surrounds (or whatever they are properly called) back up and then paint the skirting boards.  To me, finally getting the stainless benchtop installed today, the project is complete.  And with only moments to spare (ok, 3 days) until my best friend and her family arrive to spend Christmas with us, we have done it in a 'hitting a home run and sliding into home plate' style. I'm over the moon with the results and can't wait to enjoy the space with lots of friends, heaps of chilled wine and plenty of yummy food in leisurely fashion over the next few weeks. 
handmade knife magnet courtesy of Peter

love my open shelving

we can open up the windows all the way and practically feel like we are on the deck

space, at last

awesome view to the bush out back

lots of space for everyone to lounge on the deck

or chill on the sofa and check out the ocean

it might be too spacious!!!

dream kitchen, well for me it is anyway

and can you believe this is what it used to look like?!