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Monday, February 28, 2011

What is your life expectancy?

I am reading a book called The Island of the Ancients, The Secrets of Sardinia's Centenarians.  It is a wonderfully interesting read.  What makes us age?  Is it genetics or lifestyle that keep us living a long life?  I personally think lifestyle has more to do with it than genetics.  Sure a whole family might have all been killed by cancer but if they grew up together with the same diet, habits and lifestyle than who is to say it was genetics that gave them cancer?  This is the story in Sardinia.  Some researchers are studying their DNA but others are studying their extraordinary lifestyles.  Hard working physical people, natural chemical free diets of homemade breads, cheeses, meats and homegrown vegetables and don't forget the wine!  I don't know what the conclusion will be at the end of the book but it certainly made me think about what sort of life expectancy I might have taking into consideration stress levels, diet, exercise, etc.  The Sardinian's live a simple life but they are hard workers.  There is little pollution and low levels of stress.  Is that the answer?  Is our modern world killing us?
To find out your life expectancy go to this website.
With any luck the 101 that it calculated for me will be correct!!


  1. I thought I was pretty healthy, but answering those questions made me question myself. Thank god I started my daily spinach smoothie last week. Hope that helps! My age was only 91.

  2. i have heard that the longest living and healthiest people are from Japan- I forget the town- but it seems that the combo of fish/ veggies/ long walks/ clean air seem to do it for the longivity. I'm hoping for 80 myself. As a nurse i see how difficult life becomes when you get too old, but i want to see my grandchildren thrive.

  3. Only 91, Danielle? That sounds pretty good to me. As long as I'm healthy (mentally and physically). I think stress plays a huge factor - hard to control and manage. Well, you've given me much to think about. Sounds like an interesting book.

  4. Damn I need to start flossing.