A Village Life

Monday, March 7, 2011

Figs continued.....

I forgot the best part of the whole fig story!
So, Peter was out in the yard one day and picked a bunch of ripe figs, about 8 of them or so.  He got sidetracked doing something else so he put them all down in a pile on the lawn in the meantime.  When he went back to get them to bring them inside, they were nowhere to be found.  Out of the corner of his eye, he spied our dog Rex looking very sheepish.  Apparently Rex has quite a thing for figs.  Since then I have noticed Rex sitting under the fig tree quite often eating those that have dropped to the ground.  Has anyone else heard of a fig eating dog? 


  1. This has made me so excited for late summer! We got sooooo many green figs last year and now I know that I can make fig ice cream!!!

  2. saw this fig recipe and it looks delish-

  3. Only you would have a fig-eating dog. That does not surprise me at all.