A Village Life

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day Three

All posts are in and awaiting the big beam that will hold up the floor!  The beam arrives on Monday.

Day Two

Concrete is poured into post holes.

Day One

Boring the holes for the posts.

Deck outline.

Blocked off from the children!

Renovation Diary: Before

After 3 and a half years of living here in Leigh, we have decided to take the plunge and put our stamp on this house.  We know now what this house needs to make it livable and comfortable for a family of 5; more space!  We are also desperate for indoor outdoor flow since our living space is on the upper level.  With entertaining in mind, we have decided to add on a massive deck off the open plan living area in a corner of the section that gets all the afternoon sun.  I'm thinking long afternoons spent with friends at a large table on a sunny deck with chilled sauvignon blanc in hand, children running around the garden below playing nicely while we relax in the sun.  Inside, the floor plan will extend by 21m2 or roughly 200ft2.  Everything inside is getting scrapped and will be replaced by an entire new look.  Light colored bamboo flooring will be laid throughout the space and my dream kitchen made of birch plywood will replace the awkward shaped blue 1990's kitchen. 
This is a daily diary of our renovation process.
Here is our house before the action begins:

Awkward un-useful kitchen island thing.

Looking to the cramped living space.

Tiny back deck, more of a landing.