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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cocktail Cravings

As with my last pregnancy, by the time I've reached this point I am absolutely gagging for a cocktail.  I daydream about cocktail hour g and t's, refreshing unusual concoctions served in fancy glasses and cold sweet baileys on ice for dessert. 
Recently we splurged on a night out at Clooney Restaurant.  Pete started out the evening with one of their specialty cocktails, the Little Ladybird.  Sounds a bit feminine I know but it was incredibly delicious (I swear I only had one sip).  Belevedere pomarancza, dubonnet, campari, sugar syrup and citrus.  It was the bomb.  In our post dinner reflection I had another look online at their cocktail menu.  Yes, I know I am obsessed but I am not an alcoholic I promise.  This cocktail definitely caught my eye and I will be making it just as soon as this little one stops feeding off my placenta.

Lady In The Dark
Belvedere, lillet rouge, pomegranate molasses, fresh beetroot, grape juice.

Anyone want to join me for cocktails?

And don't you think Lillet is cute enough to be a baby girl name?


  1. I feel your pain. I think I had a single glass of wine almost every night by the last week of my pregnancy. And I would look at the bottle like a hungry wolf. but now i don't know if my body chemistry has changed or what, but a single cocktail makes me feel ill. sad.
    i do like lillet for a girl!
    you are so close megan, i just can't wait to hear everything...

  2. Oh sister...the weather here today is a lovely 80F and it is making me glad that I get to drink again soon.summer + cocktails here I am ready and waiting. We can do this! PS> I love Lillet for a girl.

  3. Lillet is my french grandmother's name and I love it! Great baby girl name. And I'm dying to share a cocktail hour with you this summer. G and T for you but make it V and T for me with lots of fresh lime. Hmmm, sounds so good.