A Village Life

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So now that we've got the baby flipped (which I will get to in a minute), I have a prediction about the baby's birth.  There will be a full moon on the 18th of April. I am due on the 15th according to my dates but the first scan showed EDD as April 19th.  Rita was born 5 days late and Gigi was 4 days late.  I think this baby might be here on the 18th.  Just a guess of course but that would suit me just fine. 
Back to the big flip.  If anyone has to go in for this external cephalic version, I hope you might be as lucky as me.  I think even the doctor was shocked at how little he had to do to get this baby to budge.  With one hand shoving the bum out of my pelvis and another hand behind the little one's head forcing it down, it was one movement and not even 30 seconds later that the baby moved into place head down.  Honestly it was so easy and quick, we were all a bit stunned.  Pete was sitting next to me holding my hand getting ready for me to squeeze away while they tormented my belly and alas there was no discomfort whatsoever.  Huge relief to say the least.
Now if I could stop waking up at 5 in the morning I would be a happy chappy.  Until then, here's hoping I can sneak a nap in while looking after 2 kids at home today!


  1. Would LOVE it if we had our babies the same bday! Now we wait...tick, tock. Boy? Girl? That is the question.

  2. I am so so glad it went easily for you. I've heard it can be quite painful and doesn't even work half the time. What a relief!

  3. so glad that turned out to be so easy. Of course now I've changed my mind & I now think that baby is a boy...there is no way a girl would have been that cooperative!! Can't wait for my new niece or nephew - sooo excited :)