A Village Life

Friday, January 27, 2012


Every morning I wake up with intentions of writing a new blog post. I have thoughts, ideas and photos all ready planned to post.  But something gets in the way every single day and nothing ends up happening with the blog; that something is life with 3 kids on summer break.  No way, not going to happen.  It is pretty much impossible to sit down on the computer and write something comprehensible with photos uploaded to boot.  Life around here is changing quickly and I can barely keep up.  Rita is off to school next week.  Gone, dusted, 9 to 3, 5 days a week from now on.  Gigi is talking; and when I say talking I mean talking.  She narrates everything she does just because she can.  She re-lives stories over and over, tells me who she likes and who isn't her friend (usually me), and which songs and dvd's she likes.  It is hilarious and exhausting.  Tui wants to walk.  Today she actually took a step on her own.  She isn't even 9 months old.  She wants to walk around holding my hand all day long.  This evening she climbed up on the rocking chair by herself and thought it was so funny to stand on the seat and rock away while I nearly had a heart attack trying to rescue her from across the room.  My garden is in full bloom and if anyone has ideas for what to do with cherry tomatoes it would be much appreciated.  How did I manage to plant 8 cherry tomato plants?  I was sure there were some beefsteak and roma in there.  We've been running and running.  Pete is training for the coastal challenge and I am training for the beach to bush.  6km through the bush the other day totally worked me, how will I manage 22km?  I've been working, the kids have swimming, and then of course the usual laundry and dinner, etc.  So, how the hell do these mommy bloggers manage?  I honestly don't have a second to spare to get on the computer.  Tonight is the exception: it is past 8 o'clock and I am usually collapsed in bed as soon as the kids are down.  They are down early tonight! 
With all the best intentions of keeping this blog current, all I can hope is that once the kids are back in school I might just have a few hours to myself each week to post something worthwhile.  Until then........