A Village Life

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sneaky little bugger

Over the past few weeks we have had these mysterious cat food boxes showing up at our front gate.  No one could figure it out.  Then finally the other day....aha!
One of the girls who lives in the apartment below us came home for a quick stop and left the gate open since she would be leaving again soon.  A few minutes after she arrived I looked out into the backyard and there was Rex just sitting down to tuck into a full box of cat food.  We retrieved the box and growled at Rex and realized we had some serious neighbour relation issues to address.  The following day Pete went around to the neighbours directly in front of us and yes indeed they had had a few boxes of cat food gone missing.  The funny thing was that she was blaming her husband for not telling her that they needed more cat food and the time before that yelled at her kids for hiding the food.  Turns out that Rex was actually going INSIDE their house to get the food!  And they never even saw him do it.  Sneaky little bugger!

In other news, we have had a few culinary creations worth writing about in the past month.  Pete went out for a dive and came home with a crayfish that he wanted to showcase.  I was very impressed with what he came up with.  Herbed savoury crepes with a hint of lemon zest filled and rolled with mayonnaise, homegrown lettuce and morsels of perfectly cooked crayfish. 

I've been continuing on with my bread baking, making a loaf just about everyday now.  One day I switched it up from the usually brown or grain bread and made a brioche loaf.  It was divine especially with a slathering of butter and homemade quince jelly courtesy of my sister in law Anna.


  1. I'm always shocked with the stuff Pete comes up with - those crepes are really impressive! Way to go, Pete! I'm sure you could put a couple of crayfish in your luggage this summer, right?