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Friday, November 12, 2010

Just like Christmas

Yesterday Peter and I drove down to Auckland.  Pete had an appointment with an eye specialist and I had to pick up my new double sport buggy.  All week I have been so excited about this dumb buggy.  It was as if I were going to get a 2 hour massage and full on pamper day or something.  But no, just a new twin stroller to push my kids around in.  I couldn't wait to see it in real life.  It was purchase on trade me so it is new to me but it is second hand.  I bought one about 6 months ago that Rita is now too heavy for and as we walk down the street we are nearly tipping over with the kids side by side, Gigi's side almost in the air with Rita so heavy next to her.  It was cheap and that's why I bought it but I really did want the double sport buggy.  So for the past few months and especially with number 3 on the way, I've been watching them being sold and bought on trade me.  And finally I found one that was in excellent condition and a good price.  Yippee!  We had our first stroll this morning and it was such a delight to push, honestly, as stupid as it sounds, I was having the happiest walk to preschool that I've ever had! 
Sorry for going on about it but it did feel like Christmas.  Since we were in the big smoke, I managed to drag Pete and poor little Gigi along to some shops where I convinced Pete that yes, we did need 3 very large terracotta pots and some bougainvillea and another test pot of paint for our house.  There was barely enough room, seriously, in the car for Rita when we picked her up at Bill and Noelene's on the way home.  Pete had a miserable time no doubt but for me the day was absolutely delightful.  It didn't end when we got home either because then the buggy had to be reassembled and tested, the pots had to be put into different locations and admired and the children were bathed and we all needed some sort of meal sorted out for dinner.  Hectic day for some, satisfying for others.

and alas Dad can rest....well, sort of

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  1. Was Pete finally allowed to replace his seeing eye glasses?