A Village Life

Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Day

Yesterday we had a much needed family day of relaxation out on the boat with Nana and Pa. Probably not so relaxing for Nana who was busy entertaining the girls the entire day! After a few bum fishing spots with no luck whatsoever, we finally found a winner spot by the afternoon and I caught a whopper snapper. Catch of the day. The day ended even better than we could have imagined when we spotted orcas frolicking in the Mahurangi just near the mooring!

strapped to a bunk and crashed out
another one bites the dust; napping on Nana


  1. Ah, your day sounds amazing. And don't your babies look beautiful while they are sleeping? Such little dolls those two.

  2. what an amazing day. i just showed felix the photo of the orca and he had a huge smile of disbelief on his face.

  3. Great pictures, what fun!! Sis