A Village Life

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Junk

Saturday after a visit to the farmer's market, I spotted these rolls of retro vintage wallpaper amongst a pile of free junk outside someones house.  Immediately I thought "score!".  Now I am thinking, what the hell can I do with them?  Anyone have any suggestions?  Nothing too fiddly or time-consuming please!


  1. I have no idea how exactly (mod podge maybe) but maybe turn them into coasters? Or a serving tray? I mean kind of add it to an existing tray...is this making sense at all?

  2. cute! how much did you get? you could maybe use it to cover a craft table for the kids?

  3. maybe you could use a stencil to cut out a cute shape or animal to put on the girls wall.

  4. Love those. Especially the second one. I like Tiff's idea and also Danielle's idea. I've always wanted to try mod podge.