A Village Life

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Budding Chef

My mom recently sent me some things she had found when she was cleaning out her office at home.  One of them was this little treasure: a recipe written by me when I was probably about 8 years old. I remember being in the kitchen of our house on Loma Alta whizzing things up in the blender and serving them to my family in special glasses with little umbrellas and garnishes.  It was serious business to me back then, the whole cooking and serving thing.  And I suppose not much has changed!


  1. how adorable. i love that you circled "i like hugs"

  2. I'm thinking you circled "i like hugs" and then wrote "mucy = mushy" and "groose = gross". Yes? I love this! We had dinner tonight to thank my folks for all the hard work in our yard and Kaden wrote up the menu to present them at the door, served cocktails and dinner like a pro, and dressed like a waiter, bow tie and all!!

  3. This is priceless, Meg. I love it. Think you should frame it and hang it in your kitchen. And really, I've never thought of you as the hugging type. But good to know. And which house on Loma Alta did you live in? I thought you guys were always in the mountains. I'm so curious now.