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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dinner Party

Last night we had some friends over for a mid week dinner party to help us eat up the snapper that I caught on Sunday.  A bit of a late night for the kids but well worth it.  Peter had scored some scallops at work yesterday, as you do, so we had some nice nibbles on offer as well.  Sauteed scallops with ginger and garlic.

For the main course, we baked the snapper whole in a salt crust, leaving the scales on to provide a barrier from getting too salty.  40 minutes in the oven and out came deliciously moist snapper.  Emma made a very nice potato salad and a mixed bean salad; perfect accompaniments to the fish.  Unfortunately I was so busy sitting on the sofa chatting with Emma that I didn't get a photo of the fish!  La piece de resistance was my special dessert.  Well, actually I got the recipe out of the Sunday paper and had to give it a go.  It was a mix between pavlova and tiramisu.  3 layers of cocoa dusted pavlova meringue sandwiched with Kahlua and marscapone cream and sprinkled with chocolate chips.
Rob and Pete went back in for seconds and after licking her plate we just couldn't keep Tessa away!

Delightful evening indeed.


  1. yummmmm. that dessert is pushing all my buttons. what lucky dinner guests! your kitchen just became my happy place.

  2. I'm so jealous I can hardly stand it.

  3. Well done, Meg. That photo of your new pavlova looks like it should be in a foodie magazine.

  4. are you kidding me??? that sounds amazing!!! could you please go into a bit of detail for me with the cake.

  5. Yum - I could eat it all over again! Emma