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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

15 months and 4 years

I woke up a few nights ago and couldn't get back to sleep.  I somehow got thinking that my girls are almost 4 years old and almost 15 months old which are two milestones when it comes to immunization shots.  Realizing that in the very near future I would have to take both of them in to have their immunizations updated, I lay in bed stressing out and wondering how to make this happen without a huge drama.  Can you even comprehend what a daunting task this is?  It is horrible to watch your baby get a large needle in her thigh, on both sides actually, but to have to convince your 4 year old that it would be ok for the nurse to stick her as well!!!  When I took Rita in for her 15 month shot I remember the nurse saying to me "this is the last time she won't know what's happening".  That seemed like not that long ago and now all of a sudden here I am with my daughter who will know what's happening.  Gut wrenching for me to say the least.  And of course the mom gets stuck with these jobs because dad is "at work".  Well, the sooner the better I suppose so off I go to schedule an appointment with the nurses for tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck.


  1. good luck megan! i know what you mean, i totally cried when ceci got her hep b and pku shots a few weeks ago. she was so distressed it was just heart wrenching. i guess the alternative, being at risk for shitty diseases, is worse. poor babies.

  2. oh good luck meg. it is horrible. felix starts screaming the minute the nurse walks if.....its as if she had shot gun in her hand. not so fun.

  3. Oh, Meg. I'm sorry you have to do that on your own. There is just no easy way for any of that. I have a story that I experienced last week that might make you feel better about the whole thing but it's best to have it off line. I'll email you and spare your other readers. =)