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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Kiwi style

Halloween isn't very popular here in NZ yet but it is creeping its way into the culture.  This afternoon there is a Halloween party at the Lab where Pete works, put on by a fellow American of course.  Pete and the girls dressed up makeshift style.  There aren't many costume shops around or Halloween costumes in the shops at all but Kiwi's are traditionally more improvisational; you know the whole Kiwi ingenuity thing. 
Voila.....the nappy monster and his 2 fairies! (Pete came up with the nappy thing on his own and if you can't tell from the photos, he has one on his head, one on each elbow and knee and then the big one safety pinned on like a loin cloth?!)
And off they went to the party while mama has a rest before going back to work.  Bum deal.

1 comment:

  1. The nappy monster! I love it. What does type of work does Pete do? I thought he was a fisherman?
    You children are just gorgeous (Gigi maybe looks a bit confused about the costumes). Can't wait to see if the next one is another girl.
    We'll be staying in with Ceci this Halloween I'm not sure they make costumes small enough for her.