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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Big One

Friday night I went out to the cinema to see Eat Pray Love a new movie (in NZ) starring Julia Roberts.  Girls night out.  It was a long movie, good, but long.  I didn't get home till 11:30pm!  That is a seriously late night for me these days.  Pete had arranged with Rob to go fishing the next morning very early but they were warned by both wives, Emma and myself, to be back by 10am.  I had a long day ahead of me running preschool gala errands in the morning and then working at the restaurant for lunch and dinner service and wanted a nap before going in.  Well, Genevieve woke up at 5:30am when Pete was getting ready to go so he plopped her down on me in bed and headed out.  Time to wake up after only about 5 hours of sleep.  Definitely not enough sleep for a sad old pregnant lady like me.  The girls and I went off early to the market chasing up Gala donations and around 9:15 I received a message from Pete saying he would be home in half an hour.  Perfect I thought.  Well, we got home and no husband in sight. Baby down for a nap, Rita in front of the television and mom on the couch trying to rest.  Still no Pete.  Finally I heard the ute pull up and out got Pete yelling for Rita to come out and have a look.  I couldn't be bothered getting up to see what he was going on about.  As he came up the back steps I yelled out that he better have a good reason for being late.  Glancing over I saw the proudest man ever holding up this huge snapper with a grin as if 'is this a good enough excuse?'.  Well hell no, it wasn't, not for me.  I am a vegetarian anyway so I could care less what he caught, I wouldn't be eating it.  I was tired and about to head to a restaurant to slave away for 9 hours standing up with my little pot belly getting in the way!

So after a very long dry spell with no fish being caught, Pete lands a whopper.  19.5 pounds

As a side note: my lack of sleep seriously affected me at work that night.  Cam, the head chef, would read out a new order and by the time he got to the end, I couldn't recall a single thing he had said.  I was an absolute wreck and by 8:30pm he told me to go home!  Next weekend being labour weekend we are going to get slammed so I better get my act together so I can last through dinner service!


  1. That is an impressive fish!!! Please tell me you at least pretended to be excited for him!

  2. The pure show of pride on Pete's face is priceless. Congrats on "the catch"! Sis