A Village Life

Thursday, October 28, 2010

And finally a day to relax

Monday was Labour Day here in New Zealand.  All this means to me is that nobody has to work; I am not sure of the true significance of this day or what exactly it represents.  Wanting some sort of family day where we do something that we wouldn't normally do, I asked Pete for suggestions of what we could do the four of us.  His main priority of course was fishing which he did early that morning with Rob.  Pete came up with the idea to visit a local sculpture trail and vineyard that we hadn't been to before.  Great idea!  I made a reservation and organized with Emma to meet there once the boys returned from fishing.  One barracuda and one john dory later we were on our way.  It was absolutely delightful.  The sun was shining, the kids enjoyed the walk and playing together and the adults nibbled on vineyard platters washed down by a bottle of pinot gris.  It wouldn't have been complete without a stop at Charlie's Gelato Garden on the way home.


  1. That really looks like a dreamy, perfect day. I love the pictures of the two girls walking from behind too. I want to come to NZ!
    Thanks for all your support Megan. It's amazing how much comments from loving friends can lift the spirits.

  2. What a beautiful day...great photos!!

  3. Ah, that looks fabulous. Total relaxation, sunshine and those beautiful lilly pads? Looks like a breath of fresh air.