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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gala Mania

So the big preschool Gala is finally over, phew!  It was a wonderful day, the sun was shining all weekend long and we had lots of people come out to take part in the action.  I was inside all day working the hamper raffles but I ditched out for a pee break and ran around with my camera to snap some of the events.  Pete was flat out on the sausage sizzle all day.  They served up fish burgers, lamb burgers, sausages, falafel, ceviche and mussel fritters.  Hungry people out here in Leigh.  Nana and Pa stepped in to look after the girls while we tended to our stalls; thank goodness for grandparents.  Here's a few photos of the day, not great photography but I only had about 5 minutes to check it all out.

The final takings count, completed and banked today, was around the $10 grand mark!  Big money for a small preschool.  All proceeds will go toward upgrading the Leigh Preschool playground with new soft fall matting and sun shades.
The quick fire raffles were the big money makers

all the booty laid out to entice the punters
bouncy castle, aka: hero of the day for all the children

the slides or the big bouncy castle as Rita called it

face painting and coloring competition

the food man
tigress who kept wandering off from Pa!


  1. I'm so glad it was such a success!!! What good fun too!

  2. Rita is such a cutie-face. Congrats on pulling off the big event!