A Village Life

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Food snob

I was at a friends house having an impromptu play date yesterday and she told me a funny story about my almost 4 year old daughter.  A few weeks ago when Rita was around at their place, Pam offered her a piece of cheese.  You know the kind, wrapped in plastic, a single slice of processed cheese.  Rita handed it back to Pam and said "no thanks, I only eat real cheese".  Oh dear, I think we have a food snob on our hands.  (But secretly I am quite happy about it).


  1. I'm not at all secretly proud, I'm straight up proud of Rita. That's a great story but did you own up to all the McDonald's that girl eats when she's in the states???

    Also, that leapard seal is making me really sad.

  2. Well, no doubt she's your daughter.
    But seriously, american cheese is just plastic. I'm glad she knows what's up.

  3. no surprise there......