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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Name Game

A bottle of delicious local Matakana Coast wine to whomever can come up with the winning name for baby number 3!!!!
We have a few boys names in our pocket still but our girls name list is definitely depleted this time around.  We are looking for suggestions, boy or girl, (we will not find out the sex of our baby till birth day) to help us out this time around in finding that perfect name.  Not too trendy, not too common, not too unusual.  It must sound good with a last name as boring as Browne and shouldn't clash too much with big sisters' names, Rita and Gigi.
Have you heard of any good ones or perhaps there was a name you loved that you didn't end up using for your own children's names?
Any and all suggestions welcome.....


  1. i still love the name uma. although, i will admit that i would be jealous if you used it. and we have some friends that just named their daughter emilia, which i also think is pretty. ill have good think about it. oh, and i kind of like the names otis and oliver for boys.

  2. Some of the girl's names I thought about were Ruby, Alice, and Phoebe. I also like Eliza. Boy's names I have a harder time with. I like Oscar.
    I'm impressed that you can let it be a surprise. I was just too impatient!
    I'm super excited for you guys and cant wait to see some belly pictures.

  3. Otis is my brother's dog's name - just have to throw that out there. We loved the name Oliver when we were having Kaden, but were afraid it would be Ollie Brownie - terrible. Great with Browne though. I still love Iris, it was my alternate for Lark. I also love Ada and Paige. Kaden says "Lizzie for a girl and Eric for a boy".

  4. I like Lizzy and Eliza for the obvious Pride and Prejudice associations. I also love the Gaelic version of Charlotte, which is Séarlait ("Share-lit"). There was a Séarlait at camp, awesome kid, really spunky and bright. I also like Ramona (which I pushed for to my boss, because his firstborn is Beatrice (another favorite because of Much Ado), so having the second daughter be Ramona would have been great; they went with Frances).

    I'll second Otis AND Oliver, and I'll throw in Addeson and Thaddeus for good measure. I think as far as making it sound good with "Browne," make sure it a) doesn't end in B or "-bie" (e.g., Rob(bie)), as the alliteration makes my mouth stumble, and b) if it ends in a hard consonant, you should be OK.

    Names that I have encountered which you should absolutely not consider (and these are true):

    Starlight Rainbow
    Sunset Shalom
    And my favourite, Fletcher Letcher. What were his parents THINKING??

  5. We knew one Dirk in college and he was a total douchbag. Fletcher Letcher is so wrong. Didn't someone in NZ actually lose custody over their daughter for naming their child "Tallulah does the Hula in Hawaii"? How about "Jasper catches a snapper in Matakana!"

  6. I dated the Dirk in college. He wasn't a douchebag; the name is just so ... grating. I never wanted to have to call his name for any reason.

    Taking custody away from a parent is a bit much, but then, so is the name Tallulah in and of itself.

    Jasper's a good name though!

  7. Megan - CONGRATS!! What exciting news!! I'll give you my girl name that I still love, but I am 99% sure we are down at this point - Mackenzie. Sounds good with Brown too. Hope you are feeling well. Yeahh!!! I'll have to check out this post more often and see how it is all going.


  8. These comments are killing me. Love it all. I will die if you name your kid Dirk and I love that Pete thinks your taste is "antique". I'm not sure I have any suggestions for you. You know I wanted a Colette and I love Soci for a girl. Totally random but I'm obsessed with it. So excited for you guys.

  9. For now I leave you with Elliott and Vivian. Let you know when more pop into my head. Sis

  10. Yay Megan! Congratulations!! Getting broody over here myself with Jenn about to pop, my best friend Lucy is pregnant and my husbands best friend is about to have twins! I love the name game... I've been thinking for my soon-to-be goddaughter. Poppy... very English but super cute. Maisie... "antique" for you Meg. I know a girl who just had a daughter and she named it "Mazzy". Boys are hard!