A Village Life

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Farmers market bounty

This morning I thought it'd be a good idea to take the girls to the Matakana Farmer's Market while Pete was out on a marathon fishing session (what every kiwi bloke does on Saturday mornings apparently).  We loaded up in the car and headed off.  After about 2 minutes Rita started complaining that it was taking a long time.  At that point I should've turned around.  Matakana is only 10 minutes down the road, not like we were in the car for half an hour or anything but the complaint carried on the whole ten minutes.  Because we were a little late getting going this morning we arrived in Matakana just at the same time as half of Auckland did.  Another 10 minutes spent driving around looking for a parking space.  Now with hefty Gigi on my hip and Rita clinging to my hand, we walked down to a jam packed market to scope out the goods.  I was pleased to find lots of fresh dark leafy greens that I immediately snapped up.  We wandered through checking out some delicious Sicilian food, homemade pies, smoothies, churros, breads, you name it.  The Whangaripo Valley Buffalo Cheese was most enticing and I left with a slice of Marin Blue and a bit of St. Malo, a pecorino style buffalo cheese.  They will introduce their mozzarella next weekend.  Hooray for local cheese makers!!!  Stopping for a bag of potatoes, an assortment of small bread buns and a newspaper, I had about all my arms could carry.  But of course Rita spied the ever present Kiwi sausage sizzle which she convinced me she needed.  Juggling now a little girl with a white bread, sausage and ketchup sandwich, my goodies from the market and a very heavy one year old I just barely managed to make it to the car without dropping everything and causing a scene.  Back home I collapsed in a heap and decided next time PETE WILL NOT BE FISHING ON A SATURDAY MORNING and instead he will come and help me so that I can actually enjoy the wonderful farmer's market we have just down the road!


  1. So wish that we were strolling the market together sipping coffees and gathering bounty for dinner! Good for you for persevering with the girls (and the sausage sizzle).

  2. I so want to jump into that cheese and bread. Looks delicious. And yes, you need to roam free at the market every so often.