A Village Life

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just browsing

As my 11 month old whinges in the background, I can't pull myself away from this website


The cutest ever wall decals and prints.  Hmmm......might be time for a little girl's bedroom revamp even though we've only just settled in.  The first of many redecoration sessions to come.  Poor Peter, I've still got the decorating bug.  Wouldn't you if you saw these?


  1. Clare the Peacock is adorable. I wonder where I could put her....

  2. Oh Meg. I love that first image. Makes me so happy. You will have to keep up posted on all the redecorating every step of the way. Pete can handle it. Just send him off on a few extra fishing trips.

    P.S. Sorry (in advance for my post today) you will not be happy. Wish you could have been there too. Let's try for it next summer, ok?