A Village Life

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Up at the crack of dawn

Yesterday morning my youngest daughter woke us up at 4:15am.  Now we are early risers, but that's just that little bit too early where having a coffee and starting your day at that hour just seem wrong.  Nonetheless Gigi didn't think so and up I got to fix her a bottle.  There was one consolation: the view from our bedroom at dawn break. 

The other thing that eased the pain of waking up that early was something else that my eyes are also drawn to from my bed, some new wall art courtesy of Estelle.  Last summer Estelle bestowed upon us these beautiful gift books that she made for our circle of friends, each wrapped in the most incredible wrapping paper.  I kept the paper (my grandmother would have been proud) and just the other day I finally put it in a frame and hung it alongside the sheet music from the musical South Pacific, one of my favorites.  Once again the ever so thoughtful Stella scored that one for me too.  Don't they look delightful hanging next to each other?


  1. I love the art sooo much! They are perfect together and must make you feel peaceful and happy.

  2. Oh my, Meg. I love the way these two look together. They do compliment eachother and I also love the stack of vintage luggage. So reminds me of you. You are a very clever and stylish gal.

  3. a perfect match............