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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gigi's First Birthday

Someones first birthday is just around the corner.  We've decided to have a party.  Now, I am not one of those mom's who puts on great kids parties mostly because I can't be bothered, it seems like a lot of effort and the kids just end up high on sugar and you spend way more money than you think it's going to cost.  There's kiddie food and adult food to plan and prepare, games and goody bags to organize and in the end you have a bunch of tired kids jacked up on sugar and you haven't even had time to chat to anyone or have a sip of your much needed wine.  Nonetheless I am going for it this year.  I even have a theme!  I won't disclose the details yet because I have been hard at work making, yes making, a pinata and planning a beautiful cake and some tasty food that suits kids AND adults and I want it all to be a big perfect surprise on the day.  We will be going down to the beach provided the weather holds out for us (pretty risky move here in NZ).  But to tell you the truth, I am kind of excited about the whole thing.  Who would've thought I might turn into a mom that throws a cool kids birthday party?  Well I guess it hasn't happened yet so the proof will be in the pudding as they say.  Let's hope it doesn't turn out like Rita's first birthday party.  Our oven caught on fire and we had to douse it with the garden hose which left us oven less with 2 huge trays of enchiladas to cook!  Bbq'd enchiladas were actually a hit and after we got our insurance payout I ended up with the oven of my dreams.  Not such a bad birthday after all!


  1. i cant wait to hear about it!!! gigi is almost 1!!!!! how the hell did that happen???
    ive been catching up on the blog and i love all your posts.....the one about your grandma's french book almost had me in tears......love it.

  2. Can't wait to see the pictures! I know it will be fabulous and as long as nothing catches fire you can judge it a success.

  3. Oh my - I'm so excited for your party!!! I had no idea! How very mom chic of you! I can't wait to hear about it. Yay for Gigi!!

  4. Seriously, cannot wait to see photos and hear all the details about Gigi's party. I'm so impressed. Won't you please give us a hint on the theme? Or is the hint in the image? Hmmmm....