A Village Life

Friday, August 13, 2010

hier soir

So, last night I did something that I've been wanting to do for years.  I had my first proper French lesson since University days.  It was a small class with just 3 of us and the instructor.  2 hours of pure bliss!  If I had known how much fun I'd have doing something like that, I would've signed up ages ago.  We chatted in French, did grammar, pronunciation, etc.  The funniest thing (which I've noticed a few times over the past few years) is that the Kiwi representation at the class was the minority.  I was the American woman (hard label to wear), there was an Irish woman and the instructor was actually from Holland.  One solo Kiwi amongst us.  So for the next 6 weeks we will meet for 2 hours every Thursday night and I can live in my dream of being a true Francophile.  And yes girls, I will be the team leader and schedule master on our trip to Paris.

And alas, here is my beautiful table runner?! or whatever the hell it is.  It actually fits nicely on my legs when I am sitting on the couch and have my legs extended to the coffee table.  Damn, I wish I had had enough remnants to make an actual blanket that looks like this.  For now I will keep it because it makes me smile and everyone gets a good laugh out of its awkward shape.  I mean, what could it be really?  I have no idea!


  1. Megan, I am so excited to hear about your French class. Of course you will be large and in charge during our trip. Please do keep us posted on your progress. What a great way to spend your Thursday evenings.

    And I love your table runner, lower leg warmer, whatever.

  2. That is the finest bath mat, dog bed, childs nap lovie I have seen in a long time. I happen to have one at home that rivals it! :). I am thrilled about your classes and so envious! Can't wait to hear about your Thursday french love fests.

  3. yeah for french class......as if there was any question that you would be the team leader in france...ha! the runner is great. its really too bad that you gave mel the dog blanket because you could have been quite cozy using the two of them in some sort of combination.