A Village Life

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ta da!

In association with Estelle over at Under a Pink Moon, today is the unveiling of the long awaited ripple afghan projects.  I can't say I am over the moon about this one because like Estelle this has been a long project with episodes of 'I hate it, I love it'.  At the moment I hate it again and want to pull it out and start again.  The thing is that I used the leftover bits to play around with and I love the result so I want to refashion the whole thing into the new style.  I don't know what will happen but for now this afghan is getting much use on our sofa during these cold winter nights.  It is quite heavy and dense and warms you up like nobody's business.  So here it is:
Coming soon will be the 'table runner' that is making me think I should take this blanket apart and restyle it completely.  We'll see what you think before I do something brash.

Now, with no relation to the above story I wanted to tell you about something that made me so happy yesterday.  I went to the post shop to pick up our mail and there in the post was my 1 kg bag of award winning espresso beans from Hayden at Rush Coffee.  These beans make the most delicious coffee you will find in all of New Zealand, I promise.  Hayden used to hand deliver our beans to us when we lived up north nearby his roasting business.  Now I eagerly await our delivery by post.  Thanks Hayden!


  1. You can't pull that beautiful masterpiece apart - what is wrong with you!!!

  2. are you serious??!! i cant believe that you made that......it looks great. well done lady and enjoy a cup a coffee for me.

  3. You know that each of us would pay cash money for your beautiful blanket. Don't you dare unravel that baby. And you also know that Rita had her eyes all over that while you were making it. Give it to her before you touch it!