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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Playhouse revisited

So in a matter of 2 days, we have whipped our backyard into shape. Starting with the playhouse of course. It was full of rocks and dirt from making mud pies and who knows what. The cute little kitchenette was a shambles and the tea set looked as if it was never to hold an imaginary cup of tea again. Out came the scrub brush and bucket and loads of soapy water and I got stuck into it all like a madwoman. We cleaned and swept and vacuumed and primped. New carpet was laid and everything put back into place and voila, what a beautiful sight. Rita picked out some flowers for her front balcony as the icing on the cake. Now poor little girl has a serious set of cleanliness rules to obey if she wants to play in her house. No gardening tools or dirt inside and none of the kitchen set is to come outside. Wipe your feet on the mat before you enter......

and if you need to make a phonecall

The second part of the big cleanup was sprucing up the vegetable bed.  Pete got stuck in and removed all the gnarly roots that were taking over.  I added sheep pellets and we got a ute load of compost.  With Rita and Gigi in tow we picked out our seedlings from the garden centre.  Today whilst the little one had a nap and Rita spent time with Nana, I proudly laid out my garden plan and got the seedlings in the soil.  The photo doesn't look much because they are only tiny babies in such a big mess of soil but I am one proud mama.

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  1. Well, I don't even know where to start on this one. First off, will Rita's little fancy house double as the guest quarters as well? That place is so darn cute I want to move it. I'll have to think of something to make for her as a house warming gift. Does she need drapes? And god help us if she picks up your manic cleaning issues.

    P.S. I cannot wait to see how your veggie garden grows.