A Village Life

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the swap

The fishing scene has been a bit quiet around here for a while.  Not that Pete hasn't been trying but there just haven't been many snapper around.  So this has got him experimenting with all sorts of strange catches that people normally don't eat...and for a good reason.  The first unusual catch that he cooked up was an eagle ray.  Eagle ray 3 ways.  He smoked some, fried some and poached some.  All good except the ammonia after taste.  Bad.  Someone told him after the experiment that you are supposed to soak them in water a few days to get rid of that ammonia taste.  Next time perhaps?  Have a look at the creature fresh out of the sea; scary looking thing, isn't it?

Then Pete went on to catch a bastard cod.  No one he talked to rated it very well but he cooked it up nonetheless in a home brew batter.  Bland and mushy was the consensus.  Gigi seemed to like it though so at least someone got a feed out of it. 
We really wanted to do smoked fish rolls for the birthday party but we definitely weren't finding anything suitable to smoke.  Then out of the blue the other day a co-worker texted Pete that he had a bunch of gurnard if we wanted some.  Within the hour, another friend texted me wondering if we wanted some kahawai.  What luck!  Pete went around and picked up about 12 gurnard from Murray's place, took some over to Rob's and traded a few gurnard for 2 kahawai.  Then we rang Pam and asked if they wanted some gurnard.  In exchange for some fish for their family they gave us a dozen eggs and a bagful of oranges and grapefruit.  Who needs cash?  Looks like trading is the way to go.  And we had some lovely smoked kahawai to serve at the party! 
Tomorrow Pete is off to have a dive for some scallops.  Scallop season has just opened.  I'll let you know if he has any success!


  1. I don't quite know what to say about this one, Meg. Ammonia taste? That sounds like something that would put me off of fish forever. You are such a pioneer woman!

  2. That just can't be ok! Looks like he picked it right up out of the tank at an aquarium!