A Village Life

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snapshots of Leigh

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that I ended up taking 3 walks!  One of those I admit was to go to the shop and pick up the mail; wink wink or perhaps an ice cream.  Down at the harbour I ran into my husband launching boats to go out fishing for work.  Nothing like life in a small town! 

Baches and boats at the harbour

Mural by Leigh Lomas

Outside the shop

 Leigh fish and chips


  1. Looks like a lovely town. Who's Digby?

  2. No idea who Digby is! Must find out.

  3. Oh, Meg. I want to just jump right into these photos and join your for a "local espresso". Love that you just happened to run into Pete on your stroll.