A Village Life

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's been happenin' around here

Gigi and I hang out together most days

Camping in the backyard

Yummy figs!

The conversion is slowly progressing

Builder extraordinaire

Tui's walking, eating figs and super happy

And she loves to rock

Gigi is a big girls; 2 days without nappies (and a few accidents)
And Rita spends most of her time at "big" school, doing gymnastics, swimming and having playdates so we don't see that much of her.  The life of a 5 year old!


  1. meg...........they are beautiful!!!! where did these light haired light eyed girls come from?????? gig's hair looks like she should be a potmesil!

  2. LOVE these pictures!! Miss my girls so much :( I love Tui's big toothy smile - precious. Very proud of Gigi on the potty. Knew Rita would do great at "big" school. Sis

  3. Love the update! Can't wait to see you and your gorgeous girls this Summer. Joanie

  4. Your girls are so beautiful - they take my breath away. I seriously want to eat Tui. I'm guessing that doesn't surprise you a bit.

    And, of course, Pete is doing serious construction in flip flops! I guess I should just be impressed that he is wearing shoes, right?