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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top Picks

And yet more reunion dress ideas............
 I love this one; mostly because of the bright orange colour.  Of course it is another $800 whopper so totally out of my league.
Check out this Chloe number.  I have always loved this dress.  I know I won't wear it like Daria does.  (By the way, I've met Daria; she had a photo shoot for Vogue on the boat we worked on and I cooked for the models.  They wanted home cooking and she loved my mom's broccoli, cheese and chicken casserole!)  Back to the dress.  I know you are all thinking it is just like the slutty Cavalli one but hear me out.  There is one for sale on trademe and it has an extra clasp at the chest so it isn't as revealing.  I saw another one recently where the yellow part at the bottom was removed to make it shorter.  That might just work for me.  The best part is that it starts at $50 with no reserve.  Is it worth a bid?  I think so.  What do you think?


  1. How are your sewing skills going Megan? I think the orange is a pretty simple design and I think the colour would be great on you! PS. Have tried commenting on here before but it's never worked - maybe because of the iPad so here goes... Emma x

  2. bid! i like it........and it reminds me of you. the orange one i like too but its almost to brides maidy
    i think i need to start my hunt!!! i just wish one of you girls would come to ny and go shopping with me. problem solved!

  3. Jeez, you can't beat the price. I say go for it. That green color would be beautiful on you.

    And I want more stories from your boat days, please!