A Village Life

Saturday, March 24, 2012

OK, so how about.....

It looks like the consensus on the 'slutty' Roberto Cavalli was a big "no" so how about this....

Is this what y'all had in mind?  Something with a bit more coverage?
Then I could look like a stumpy dwarf covered in bed linen.
Back to the 'int-a-net' to find suitable attire for this damn reunion.
Or more excitingly I might find something down in the big smoke on my girls (and by girls I do not mean my children, I mean 2 girlfriends and myself) weekend away in Auckland.  YeeHaw, bring it on!!!


  1. You could wear a sack... Or this pink thing...and still look beautiful. But I think we can do way, way better!

  2. Estelle will fight you for that shit - watch out. I'm quite a bit jealous of your girls weekend, but, god knows you deserve it! Have an amazing time with your "friends" - whatever.

  3. obviously estelle would be all over this dress.......it fits with the kaftan pool party attire. shemg, i think we both know that neither you nor myself can pull off this much dress.....i think you pretty well summed it up with "dwarf covered in bed linen".
    enjoy your girls weekend away with your "girlfriends".

  4. Take the hem above the knee and make it sleeveless....beautiful!!! I love the color. Have fun

  5. OMG the girls are right. I LOVE this dress. The color, the sleeve detail, the length. All of it. Tom would accuse me of turning Amish, of course. Keep looking, Meg. But who makes this? I seriously want it!