A Village Life

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A seamstress is born......

Or not. 
I finished my second reversible skirt yesterday.  It actually fits Gigi!  Since I cut the fabric wrong at the start, I thought it would end up being for Tui but hey ho, it actually worked as intially planned.  The most amazing thing is that both the girls love their skirts and haven't wanted to take them off!

making daddy proud: praciticing fishing

Tomorrow I start on my first reversible child's smock.  The fabric is cut and ready to go.  With no children around, I should be able to work uninterrupted for once and hopefully get the project completed.


  1. i love the skirt and i love that she is getting some fishing practice in!!!! cant wait to see you guys this summer!!!!!

  2. love it! gigi is precious in her new skirt. xoxo joan

  3. Meg, I'm so excited about your sewing adventures. Of course, your babes love their skirts - you made them with love! You are turning into quite the sewing maven.