A Village Life

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The light in the sky is changing
The sun isn't shining as bright through the windows in the morning
The air is crisp and the house is still dark when I wake up
My newborn baby turns one next month
I have runners knee that is threatening my upcoming race
The garden isn't growing like crazy as it was a few months ago
There are no more summer wedding catering jobs on the horizon to look forward to
Everything familiar seems to be going through changes
The sea is cold once again
my girls are beautiful and smiling
my husband is making progress on our garage conversion
I've got lots of painting and decorating to keep me busy in the next few months
I've learned to sew
My knitting project is 2/3 finished
April will be full of road trips
and all is well in our happy home!


  1. and we get to see you in august!!!!! its still so strange to me to be on opposite seasons......i know that feeling you're having......i had 6 months ago and now finally the flowers are blooming and the chill is becoming a bit less chilly. appreciate the time to shut down a bit....love you

  2. I love this post. So beautiful and thoughtful. Keep it coming. It makes me feel like I'm just in the other room listening in on your life.