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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lazy Days

We've just spent 4 days staying at a bach in the Mahurangi with some friends of ours and their children.  Who would've thought we could actually totally relax in a small house filled with 4 energetic little girls?  Well relax indeed we did.  Hanging about reading books and trashy magazines, trying to do crossword puzzles, sipping on chilled white wine, feasting on all sorts of summer delights, swimming in the lagoon, boogie boarding at the beach, hiking, the list goes on....
It was the perfect holiday escape.  The men hunted and gathered and fished and speared with not too much success but they had fun doing it.  And the women lounged and read and sipped and swam.  The kids exhausted themselves swimming and mucking around in the lagoon, played "house" and Barbie for hours and chatted endlessley until they had to separate themselves so they could actually get to sleep. 
But in the end it is always nice to come home too!
Celebrating Rita's 4th birthday with chocolate cupcakes

Bath time the old school way
The Bach

The whole gang

What a view!


  1. meg............
    that looks and sounds AMAZING!!!!! what a perfect holiday. i love love the look on rita's face when she is presented with the cup cakes and gigi in the sink pretty much kills me too!
    glad your holiday was so nice and happy belated birthday to rita!


  2. lovely! love the white wine on the deck. wish i was there right now, it's so cold and dreary here that it looks like a lovely dream to me.

  3. That sounds heavenly. I'm so glad you got a little relaxing holiday.

  4. Oh Meg, how I love this post. The photos are beautiful. You girls look amazing. Can't believe Rita is 4. And I'm with Emily. That last photo looks like a total dream.