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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random bits n bobs

Today was the calm after the storm.  A tropical rainstorm blew through last night.  Down at Whangateau, a lake was born (or rather there was a seriously flooded rugby field).  We took the kids out for some field boarding.  Take a look..

Yesterday before the storm arrived, we headed out to the Warkworth A and P show, a sort of agriculture/farming/craft/carnival type thing.  The kids loved it and we thought the sheep racing was pretty hard case....
Last week I had intended to write a post about using my abundance of garden tomatoes to make a tomato and basil soup but I only got as far as taking a photo of the tomatoes pre-roast.

The soup was delicious; just some roma tomatoes roasted with garlic and thyme and blended up with some homemade chicken stock and loads of fresh basil.  The following day I used the leftover soup as a pasta sauce and it we gobbled it up on fettucine with grated parmesan, super yum.

To Peter's horror I rented a few dvd's while I was in town to keep us entertained this week.  The horror part is that they were all foreign films with subtitles.  The first one we watched was a brilliant film "Seraphine".  If you haven't heard of it I would highly recommend watching it.  I am now obsessed with this woman's art but have yet to find somewhere to purchase a print of one of her beautiful paintings.
And last but not least, I have gotten the crochet bug once again and have yet to put down my hook for a single evening over the past few weeks.  Two blankets and 3 beanies later I am still going strong.  Once I finish a beanie for each family member I will post some photos.  At Twinset and Pearls in Warkworth, Charmaine has helped me find some unique beautiful yarns that will hopefully suit us all once winter arrives.

Cheerio for now


  1. cant play the videos! but your tomatoes look great and i'm jealous.

  2. Those tomatoes look so yummy and now I am craving that soup. I made a pretty awful soup for Mel and Brian last night. They were kind and ate it without complaining.

    Show us some photos of the blankets. I need to see them. I still want to make that circle one we both liked last summer.

  3. ummmm..............that looks so fun!!!! ill have to let jordan know that he should log on to get a cheep thrill by watching pete run around in a swim suit!!

    speaking of foreign films.....we just watched "i am love" and it was amazing!!!! i loved it!!! beautiful scenery super intense score amazing acting by Tilda Swinton speaking in Italian the whole movie.....i think you would love it.

  4. I'm loving all these pics and stories. Sorry I haven't commented lately - I'm reading, but just busy and not taking time to sit down and comment. xoxo