A Village Life

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Lunch with Friends

Pete has taken to calling it "our blog" now because of all of his seafood adventures and experiments.  So, yesterday we had some friends over for lunch and Pete worked hard on recipes for nibbles and for the main course.  He loves trying to smoke anything and everything (I'm not talking about drugs here).  He caught quite a good sized snapper the other day and as he was cleaning it his mind started churning as he noticed the huge roe and the liver that would have been so wasteful to just be tossing in the bin.  So he smoked them.  We didn't even know if the liver of fish is something edible but he went for it anyway.  Browsing the internet for recipe ideas, he came up with the tradition Greek dish for smoked cod roe, taramasalata.  He chucked in the liver as well and proclaimed the whole thing delicious.  For the main course he went for a lemon and ginger scented crumb crusted snapper fillet.  This got me into action wanting to produce something nice too, not just for our friends but for "our blog" as well.  I came up with a Persian omelette called Kuku made with courgettes, mint and feta.  For dessert, I took the beautiful fresh NZ apricots that we had just bought the day before and made them into a tart with a macadamia nut frangipane sort of filling.  The whole meal was really delicious.  Have a look for yourself.


  1. You guys are killing me!!!! Yum!!!

  2. that looks amazing!!