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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Only in New Zealand

On Sunday night, a friend of ours was at the Leigh Fish 'N Chip Shop (just down the road from our house) and who did he run into but John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.  Fancy seeing the man who runs the country in your local fish n chip shop!  Rob said, "Hey John, how's your holiday been?".  No beefy security, no paparazzi, nothing, just John Key picking up some kai for his family. 
Imagine walking up to the President of the United States (if you were ever able to get that close to him through his security entourage) and saying, "hey Barack, how's it going?".  Would never happen.  One more thing to love about New Zealand, a casual laid back leader who is just your typical Kiwi bloke.

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  1. Love it. That is a great story. Yes, only in NZ. You live in a very special place.