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Monday, January 10, 2011

Lucky Us

Last week I was very busy helping out Lindy at Feast Catering.  As usual, wedding dates doubled up which saw us catering 2 weddings both on Friday evening.  Lindy took the sit down dinner party for 55 and I went to the canapes for 120 party.  We were flat out all day Thursday and Friday making 1500 canapes and prepping salads and mains for Lindy's sit down dinner.  As we nattered away in the kitchen, she mentioned how lucky it was that Pete took notice of her commercial kitchen whilst he was on her property a few years ago doing some work.  How would she be managing if she hadn't found me to help her?  So...the story goes.....Pete was water blasting her house a few years back, which was the business that we used to own, Mobi-kair water tank cleaning, repairs and water blasting. Being the typical curious peeping tom tradesman, he poked his head into the out-building on her property and noticed there was a full commercial kitchen inside.  He asked Lindy what she did in the kitchen and she said that she ran a catering business.  "Oh, my wife is a chef" yada yada ya....I've been working for Lindy for the past 3 years now.  Funny how these things happen, isn't it?  Then I got thinking about it and actually I found Pete's job for him as well!  I am involved in a coffee group of mums who met at prenatal classes.  We started with a mums and bubs meeting once a fortnight which continued through the years although much less frequently now that our babies are 4 year olds.  At one of these play dates I mentioned to one of the mums that Pete wasn't that happy running his own business; it was lonely, full of long hours and physically demanding.  She knew our background of working on yachts and said that there was a job going at the Leigh Marine Lab for a technician.  It involved diving, trips on the research vessel, maintaining the water systems, etc.  Sounded perfect and with one week before the job applications closed, I suggested to Pete to sort out his C.V. and apply.  Nothing to lose, right?  After a month or so of reviewing 30 or 40 applications, they came down to the final cut of applicants who would be interviewed.  Pete was one of them.  On the day of the interview he was so sick with a cold or flu that he wasn't holding out much hope.  He came home and didn't think it went that well.  What a surprise it was to find out after agonizing for months that he did indeed land "The Best Job in the World".  It suits him down to a tee.  Lucky for us we even managed to sell the Mobi-kair business not long after despite the downturn in the economy. 
We are now happily living in Leigh just down the road from the Lab and Pete gets to spend much more time with the kids than he would've if he was still self employed.  And I couldn't have picked myself a better job either!  It's part time, pays well and Lindy and I get on like a house on fire.  It is so much fun! 
Lucky us, we found each others dream jobs..... for each other!


  1. Crazy how life works out sometimes. Sometimes when I think of all the weird connections and coincidences that brought me to where I am and who I am with my brain hurts a little bit.