A Village Life

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Photo Update

Baby sleeps; She loves her pillow pet.

Entry hall makeover.....stay tuned for the after photos.

Pet day at school.  Rex tried to start fights with all the other dogs; nice one!

Tui watches the action and tries to escape to the playground every 5 minutes keeping mama very busy.

Halloween Kiwi style.

Little big girl latching the gate after the trick or treaters leave.

New monkey bars!  An early birthday present for Rita.  Playing with the neighborhood boys.

Summer garden is starting to grow. Tomatoes galore.

Strawberries and corn.

Lemon meringue tart with Rita and Kororia.

Rex and his new friend,
Not much time around here to write blog posts so you'll have to settle for these photos instead.  They tell the story of what we've been up to this past month.  Weather is getting warmer around these parts....bring on the summer!!!


  1. Nice update on what is going on around Leigh (I can imagine.LOL) and around your clan... I miss you all guys heaps!! Looking at your house photos...bring me back to the smell of your house...it feels like I was there yesterday!! Sometimes I feel like crying....and Shah said I am being too emotional...but having to experience living in Leigh, got to know all of you and giving birth to Iskandar are too much for me to just keep them as a memory...I want it to last long, want to experience the life there and be among you all over again. But I guess one has to move on...Anyways those two short years has occupied a big part in my heart....always and forever. Keep on putting nice photos of yours Megan!!! Keep me updated will ya? Love u!!

  2. Im so happy for the photo update!!!! And I'm so jealous that you guys are entering summer!!! Summer Halloween sounds perfect!!!!!! Looks like life is good in Kiwilandia............
    miss all of you.....


  3. Meg, I am SOOOO happy you are back to blogging. I love seeing the photos and the stories of your kiwi life. Naturally, your dog would be the trouble starter, right? And monkey bars in your yard?! Your girls are beyond lucky. Well done, mama and papa.