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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

20 Year Reunion

The build-up for the big reunion went on for months.  Particularly so for me coming from so far away as airline tickets had to be booked and kids taken out of school.  Everything done so as to coincide our annual Californian holiday with my 20 year high school reunion.  My girlfriends and I pondered for ages over what sort of dresses we should wear to the big event.  Again I felt especially anxious because I don't even really know what is in fashion stateside, no doubt styles very different from my rural New Zealand wear.  We would all spend the whole weekend child free, booked into our 'flash' hotel in Los Gatos, indulging in copious amounts of champagne and Mexican food.  What mother wouldn't dream about it for months prior?  It was like a vacation during my vacation with all my best oldest girlfriends at my side to banter with.  48 hours of adult only chit chat.  The icing on the cake would be the main event.  A big party with people we haven't seen for 20 years.  What would everyone look like now?  Would it be awkward?  Would it be like time had never passed and we would carry on like old times?  First we had the prelude to the reunion.  Friday night at the bars in Los Gatos.  When was the last time we all did that?  Bloody ages ago!  You know what?  It was a blast.  How could C.B. Hannegan's still be so much fun?  All those old familiar faces, great conversations catching up mostly about children and spouses; everyone seemed exactly the same, maybe a new wrinkle here and there but personalities were still much the same.  It was a wonderful night with lots of talking and laughing.  Just as well because the reunion night turned out to be a bit of reminiscing and a lot of dancing, partying and carrying on.  Getting over the Friday night aftermath proved challenging.  A coffee from The Roasting Company followed by a very hot run to the dam and back for old times sake.  Who thought that was a good idea?  I more enjoyed lounging by the pool all day.  When it came time to get dressed for the big event, it felt just like senior ball; all the girls in the hotel room showering, makeup and hair sessions and dressing....and of course drinking more champagne.  With Melanie's parents picking us up and driving us to the reunion, it confirmed that times haven't changed that much at all.  The Elk's Club proved to be an absolutely brilliant venue!  Much thanks to all the ladies (and men) who organized the event...very well done.  Dono's mom up on the dj stand all night was classic!  Everyone seemed to be in great spirits and the whole thing was just so much damn fun, I couldn't have wished for a more successful reunion.  Perhaps a few awkward moments of not remembering names but all in all our class rocked it.  My only regret of the evening was that it went by so quickly and I didn't get a chance to really talk to everyone that I had hoped to.  It was more of brief 5 minute conversations here and there mixed with much cocktail buying, nibbling from the buffet table and of course letting loose on the dance floor.  Proof of the success of the evening were my photos.  I've never claimed to be a great photographer but my blurry reunion photos seemed to prove that point......AND that I was having the time of my life!

Friday night in the hotel getting ready to hit the town.

Mexican birthday dinner for Jen.  Not much food on the table but plenty of drinks.

Self portraits always end up as bad photos and here's proof.

C.B's patio, just getting started.

Pretty much my only good photo from the evening and we hadn't even left the hotel yet.

Guys and Gals, minus my guy :(

This is when the party started getting messy.

Kimmy and Tracy getting raunchy.

Segundo: the man who enjoyed the reunion the most!

Michelle says it all in one single gesture.

What wonderful memories.....until next time mes amis!


  1. I love your sliver sparkly dress! You ladies all look fantastic. No one has aged a day. I'm already worried about what to wear to mine, and it's 2 years away. HMM.

  2. Hi there, Jody here, came through fabulous Danielle in the US. I'm a kiwi too from Ohope beach, BOP. You guys know how to have a good time. Im now 50 so I'm too scared to go to any reunions. You might be able to help me on my blog today, looking for tips on what it is to be a Kiwi??