A Village Life

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Schoolol Girl

This is our very proud school girl on her first day.  We walked up to school and she shot off without a glance back towards me.  I yelled out to her twice before she actually gave me a dismissive wave.  The principal walked by at that moment and said, "it looks as if she's settling in well".  Yes indeed.  At the end of the day I picked her up eager to hear what she had to say about her first day at "big school".  "Fun as", she told me.  But she "didn't really learn that much yet".  Swimming was her favorite part and she and Pipi were the only ones who could actually swim!  There are 8 kids in her class.  Yes folks this is one very small country school. 


  1. She is so proud and they are both so adorable.

  2. look how proud she looks!!!! rita was made for big girl school!
    i love that there are only 8 kids. felix had 24 kids in his 1st grade class and there are 10 classes!!!!!!
    craziness every drop off and pick up.


  3. So cute and she doesn't even have shoes on....very country:).....I love it!!!