A Village Life

Sunday, February 26, 2012


It started out a wonderful morning.  I was finally feeling better after a few days of a runny nose and congestion.  I went out for a morning run with Rex; down to Matheson Bay, around the coastal walkway, down to harbour and back home.  I was feeling great.  We had a big day out planned with the whole gang.  First we were off to Rita's swim lesson, then into Warkworth for some shopping, a quick visit to the library, and finally finishing up with lunch at a local vineyard.  We were waiting for Rita's friend Kaya to be picked up so I peeked into the construction site of a garage downstairs to see how it was all going.  I had an idea of where to put the bar fridge and a little kitchenette setup so I called Pete over to have a look.  And that's when it happened...........We pulled the wrought iron bed out from the wall where it was leaning and SLAM: the bed frame came flying down and bashed me in the face!  I screamed, Pete and Tui looked at me in shock and blood started pouring out.  Pete grabbed a towel, mom got some ice and I went straight to the couch to try to ingest what was happening.  I kept thinking I didn't want to go to the hospital, I wanted to go out to lunch at the vineyard and pickup the library book I ordered.  Funny what runs through your head in a time of emergency and shock.  Pete asked me if I thought any of my facial bones were broken and then started in on if I was concussed and what was my name and what day was it.  I am Megan stupid and it is Saturday!  I am not concussed dammit!  Pete called the doctor and made me an appointment then took Rita to her swim lesson while I sat for over and hour with an ice pack on my face, taking copious amounts of arnica to hopefully reduce any bruising.  I was pretty certain I was in for a black eye.  The scenario was all too familiar as some years back when we were doing a ski season I was pummeled by a large Russian man and ended up with stitches across my nose and two black eyes.  The verdict this time around: quite a large slash under my eye but thank god, no stitches.  Just a few butterfly strips and off I went.  It hasn't bruised or swelled up as much as I anticipated but I do look as though I've been in a pretty good fight.
As for lunch at the vineyard, it was postponed for a day so off we go today all bandaged up and ready to taste some much needed wine!


  1. Ouch girl! Glad you are ok. I think you earned your wine today.

  2. Oh you poor thing! That sucks. Hope the wine made up for it.
    I hear ya! I remember once when I gashed my finger open leaving work how all I wanted to do was go pick up my Chinese food dinner and NOT go to the hospital. I got my food several stiches later, but that is what I wanted right away. Not the bother of getting fixed up. XOXO

  3. Ouch is right. Meg, I'm so sorry that this happened. It sounds awful. Truly. I'm really glad to hear there are not broken bones and very little bruising, though. You poor thing. Traumatized your mom a bit, huh? Well, I hope you enjoyed some wine indeed.

    Would you believe that when I went into labor I remember being so bummed and sort of pissed it was all happening so early because I had brunch reservations that same with with Mel and Jen at Gabriella. It's funny the things we think of when in the midst of a crisis.

    Bottom line, I'm happy to hear you are o.k.

  4. megan...........shit that does not sound good and honestly, i feel like weird injuries happen to you more than the average bear. the glass on the foot episode comes to mind as does the skiing one you mentioned. and the go cart and chin! enough. we know you're bad ass....you dont need to keep proving it!

    will you send me your california dates again.............we are making plans and booking tickets!


  5. Meg, you'll be comforted to know that in the midst of your pain, I can't stop giggling at your mug shot. You should frame that beauty pic for Pete's nightstand. Looks like you finally joined the rugby club yourself. Seriously, that sounds really scary and painful. I would freak out. So glad it's ok!