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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Renovations in a small town

Project garage conversion is on the go.  (Well, actually it is probably on hold for the weekend; Pete is picking up our new boat today so I imagine he's going to want to play with the new toy for the best part of the weekend.)  Anyway back to the garage conversion.  I finally convinced Pete that instead of adding on a whole extra wing to the house all we needed to do was throw out a heap of junk that was sitting in the garage and convert it into super deluxe guest quarters.  First off was purge-o-rama.  Ute loads of stuff we no longer used were either dumped or given to op shops.  Closets cleaned, shed reorganized and new storage spaces created inside.  We scored a perfect-fit ranch slider off of trademe that happened to be just down the road from us.  When does something like that ever happen on trademe?  We usually end up truckin' down to Auckland to pick up goods!  The local electrician came by and yes he wired the whole place when it was remodelled 12 years ago so he knows the place inside and out.  He remembers so and so who used to live here, etc. etc.  He's got a plan for how to do the lighting and where to put all the switches.  The plasterer also stopped by for a cold Steiny and to add his two cents about the project.  Oh yes, he did all the plastering 12 years ago and knew the people who sold the place and why they sold and where they moved.   No worries mate, he can sort us out when the time comes.  And by the way he is the husband of the head teacher at the preschool.  Did I mention it's a very small town?  We are talking 500 people max.  Everyone knows everyone and everyone knows who's doing what.  The ranch slider gets fitted in with some help from visiting friends.  Now on to the re-lining the walls and ceiling, plastering the floor, finishing off the architrave, painting, carpeting, furnishing.....Jeez and I thought this project wasn't going to be a major!
So once it's a job done, we'd better have some visitors; invitation open......almost.
from garage......

to ripped apart half storage area cum construction zone....

at least the doors are in and we can lock it all up again!
Coming soon.........Super deluxe guest quarters completed (wishful thinking on my part).
To be continued...


  1. This is totally awesome, but, um, Pete got a boat?!!! How have you not mentioned that?

  2. Hope it's not so deluxe that YOU decide to leave your family in the house and move out there yourself. Hoping that I might be able to be your first guest! Sis

  3. I love it and I am an expert...I have lived in two garages! ;) Also, do I spy a baby Tui on your hip in the last shot? Love it. XOXOX Joanie