A Village Life

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Succcess....well, sort of

Just what the doctor ordered; a dark beer from The Sawmill and an oozy very ripe Camembert.

Local Bordeaux blend wine from The Vintry to accompany the meal

The stuffed mushrooms.  When I opened the package of "chevre" it was actually mozzarella!  They put on the wrong label, dammit.  It still tasted good but was totally different than the goats cheese version I was trying to make. 

Jalousie.  Best dish of the night, says Pete.

And after 3 attempts the panna cotta set with agar agar actually came out with a nice smooth soft texture.  The first two attempts were like hockey pucks.  Note to everyone: only use a tiny amount of agar as a setting agent, like 1/4 of what is recommended in recipes.


  1. It all looks amazing!! Btw, do you have a reliable pot de creme recipe you can send me? Chocolate?

  2. Gorgeous food, Meg! Congrats to you both xoxo!

  3. Oh my god, Meg. I'm so impressed with this beautiful meal. Pete is a lucky fella, indeed. I want to try that pastry looking thing and your panna cotta. Well done, lady.

  4. I'd call it success. What is that jalousie thing? looks great. Congrats on your anniversary as well You are the cutest couple, and lucky to have one another. xoxo