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Friday, May 20, 2011

The week in Review: Week 3

Well, this week has been full of ups and downs.  It is my first week on my own with all 3 girls.  Pete is back at work.  The chaos started Saturday morning.  Peter was out fishing, as you would be.  I was getting the girls ready because we were all heading into town to run some errands.  As I was brushing Rita's hair I noticed the horror of all horrors: Lice!  Yuk!  I panicked and text Pete to come home straight away so we could go to the pharmacy to get some sort of seek and destroy treatment.  In the meantime realizing that all bedding had to be washed I stripped the beds and started decontaminating.  Our whole weekend was spent doing washing and picking out lice and eggs from each other.  Nice one, eh?  3 treatments later I think we are finally rid of the little buggers.  Monday we had a visit from the midwife.  All is well and Tui is gaining weight rapidly.  Then we were off to Rita's ballet class which is just a drop off situation, thank god.  Was able to leave the other 2 in the car and they were easily entertained with mommy sitting in between them.  The high point of the week was finally having Tui smile at us.  No more constant blank stare, she does love us after all!  Low point: being at home trying to do baths and dinner with only 2 big people desperately trying to tend to 3 little people. Lots of screaming, crying, laughing, messy house, total chaos basically.  Wednesday I was pretty chuffed that I was able to do all of my preschool Treasurer duties and organize birth announcements and thank you cards in the morning while miraculously Tui slept and Rita and Gigi played together nicely in their bedroom!  Wednesday evening Tui and I went to the Preschool Committee Meeting which usually lasts 2 hours.  Tui slept in my arms the whole time and the chairperson, Pam, managed to keep things moving swiftly so we were out of there in just over an hour.  God Bless you Pam!  Chaos on Thursday again.  Into Warkworth with the two littlies to post some letters, get passport photos taken, buy a birthday gift, go to the supermarket and take Tui for her newborn hearing screening appointment.  Gigi was a champ walking all over town but since she had been up since 4am, she was getting exhausted and kept tripping over.  This meant I was wearing Tui in the front pack and carrying Gigi on my hip half the time.  Passport photos were a success, got things posted off and even the supermarket wasn't too bad.  My body thought otherwise about my busy day and I started to notice a sore breast halfway through the morning.  Blocked ducts I thought.  I would go home and apply heat and massage and that would cure it.  At 6:30 I was facing a raging headache, extreme fatigue, aches, chills.  Oh shit.  Mastitis.  I knew it right away, it hits you like a brick wall.  I text Pete who had taken Rex for a walk down to our friends house that he needed to come home straight away.  Our friend had some antibiotics that she sent with Pete for me to take if I needed to.  We called Sally (poor lady) and she gave me instructions on what to do.  I managed through the night with a throbbing boob and now must make my way into town to pick up more antibiotics. 
So all in all, we've managed to make it through the first week of being back to life as normal although it has been far from normal.  Gigi is saying more words everyday, Tui is smiling, Rita is clear of lice and Pete and I are exhausted as usual.  Could we be so bold as to think this weekend might be a bit more relaxing?  I doubt it!  But we have a lovely family now and this stage goes quickly right? 
Pete told me at 3 this morning about the instructor who is teaching his first aid class that he is taking today.  The man has an 9 year old and 8 year old and a 7 month old!  Seems that vasectomy aren't always 100% dependable.  Pete is quite worried about this.....as you could imagine. 


  1. I could cry for you with that lice story. Nobody should EVER have to go through that with a new baby to care for. You are a champ!!!

  2. Fuck mastitis. Seriously, Meg. I'm so sorry. And lice? Good lord. You deserve a nice long bath, glass of wine and a baby sitter. I wish I were there to swoop in and help even for a short while. Hold on until August and you know we'll all be fighting over that baby of yours.

    P.S. Sorry for cursing on your blog but it could not be helped.