A Village Life

Monday, May 30, 2011

We are all tired these days

Gigi's way of blocking out the world so she can sleep; use dad's beanie!

Tui on the left, Pa on the right.
4 weeks on and we are learning to cope....or rather learning to live in chaos.  I realize that I have virtually no control in my life.  But that is fine and that is what I have come to terms with.  The goals for the weekend were achieved: I got to go out each morning for a jog on my own.  We took the kids for a walk around Ti Point; turned out to be quite manageable.  Pete mowed the lawn and vacuumed the house and was able to sneak out to watch the rugby at a friends house.  I made homemade pasta one night and we all made our own pizzas the next night.  So you see adding a third to our brood hasn't shaken us too badly.  Tui is fitting in quite well.  But that's not to say that we aren't all totally exhausted as you can see from the photos. 


  1. oh my, cute pics. i want to sleep all the time and i only have one. i don't know how you do it. sound like you are content. xoxo

  2. I love these photos. Gigi is beyond cute all sacked out. Can only imagine the level of exhaustion you are all experiencing. Hang in there, friend.